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So following the big Titans in Hypertime plot, which included an off-screen reunion with the majority of the Jurgens-Era Titans (and in general hanging around with so many exceptional young people), it gets Ray thinking about a couple of different things.

1) They only ever identified, at most, six of the eight (and they only have the bad guys word there were eight) H'San Natal hybrids during his tenure with the Titans. 

2) There's a greater number than ever of young heroes appearing.  And while all the current ones are, for the most part, exceptionally well-trained and experienced, it doesn't do anything about the new ones appearing, who might benefit from some help in starting their heroic careers, as happened with his Titans.

So Ray, wanting to do something, looks up Mr. Jupiter, who supplied the organization and money for his group.  Not that he doesn't have League friends who could do the same kind of thing, but because Jupiter has a habit of already knowing entirely too much about young metahumans and Ray never entirely trusted him.  But he's a good source of information.

Of course, Ray discovers that Jupiter is, indeed, up to know good, and working on a plot to gather and brainwash teenage metahumans for his own nefarious purposes.

Ray attempts to stop him, but is captured.  Jupiter reveals that he's already blocked Ray's JLA signal device frequencies... but what he doesn't know is that after the hypertime adventure, Ray is also carrying a Titans signal device...

Whichever Titans people want to throw in to smash the operation, freeing Ray along with a number of young metahumans that were being held.  Jupiter can be captured or escape, depending on what's most dramatic.

With the bad guy defeated, there's still a lot of young metahumans who are now quite displaced.  And more appearing every day, many of them taking on costumed identities, alone and confused.  Though Jupiter was corrupt, the general strategy is not a terrible one.  Find young metahumans, help them understand their powers, and, if they want to be heroes, give them the kind of training and grounding that not many heroes, young or old, had the chance to get.

Working with the other heroes, Ray transforms Jupiter's organization into the Titans Academy to do just that.


So I'm seeing almost a kind of X-Men meets Avengers Academy vibe.  A small group of (possibly rotating) teachers, looking for new metahumans and heroes, and providing them with what help they can, along with offering League/Titans type training to any heroes out there that want it.  Want to learn how to control your powers?  Go there.  Want to learn how to diffuse a Thanagarian bomb while sky diving?  Go there.

Possibly less a "academy" and more a "young metahuman outreach programing with optional job skills classes"


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